How to Pack Light for Camping

When you are on a camping trip, you do not want to have a lot with you. You should be a minimalist but have everything you need. The luxury and comfort are pretty absent when you camp

Camping is the best way to connect with nature and you can have fun while camping. You should pack the basics or the things you will really need for the camping trip. It is the minimalist campers who love to go on adventures like this. You can effectively pack for a trip without bringing too much stuff with you, especially when it is summer. It can be annoying if you pack too much because you will experience unnecessary mental and physical strain.

Read on.

Make a Packing List

You should know what you want to pack before going on an adventure. A trip like this requires you to pack a different way compared to going on a ski or vacation trip.

Think about your planned activities, and do it accordingly. You will need good hiking boots if you want to hike all the time. Most likely, you would have to bring a flashlight, bug spray, water filter, sleeping bag, plastic tarp, and some things that are not on the list. Do your own research and make sure you have everything covered.

No Fancy Gears

Minimalist camping is about knowing how to rough it – you need to make substitutions and learn to live without your usual comforts. For instance, there is no need for a huge fancy tent. You can use a hammock or tarp. If you want to build campfires, avoid using lighters and matches, and just bring a flint.

One Shirt Per Day

That means you must only wear the same clothes per day. For instance, if you are camping for 4 days, bring 4 extra shirts or tanks for each day that you will be camping until you go home. You can change clothes before you sleep. Keep in mind that you should only pack 1 shirt for sleeping. Your bedtime clothes should be the same for 3 nights of your camping trip.

One Bag Only

You should not bring more than 1 bag with you, and children who are under 10 can share a bag. You must have bathing needs, clothes, and entertainment. Smart camping means you organize the things you pack, so you can easily locate them. Toiletries go in their own kits so that everything stays in a bag. Your underwear, accessories, and other small essentials should be in a separate bag. The best clothes to pack are lighter and dark-colored.

Minimal Cooking Gear

You should only bring a camp stove and fuel. One to 2 pans are enough, a mess kit and some tongs. Bring aluminum foil, paper plates, and utensils. Another option is to cook on open fire.

These are the best camping tips you will use for your trip, so make sure to keep them in mind.


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