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7 Things That Can Stain Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz is one of the best materials when it comes to stain resistance. But this doesn’t mean that quartz counters are impossible to stain. If you have quartz kitchen countertops or considering installing them soon, make sure to be careful with certain things that can stain your countertop. These things can stain your quartz countertops.

Paint Thinners

When quartz countertops are made, the patterns and colors are incorporated using synthetic pigments. These synthetic pigments are actually paint. So, paint thinner on the quartz surface can stain and remove its shine or color on the spot where the paint thinner is spilled or accidentally brushed.

Keep in mind that a common makeup item nail polish remover is a paint thinner so be careful if you use it near your quartz countertop.

Additionally, paint thinners can also damage the resin of quartz countertops. Keep in mind that resin is used to bond quartz stones together for making a smooth and beautiful countertop surface. So, damage to the resin translates to stains on your quartz countertop.

Coffee And Tea

We like tea and coffee for the taste and the natural color. However, quartz countertops don’t like the natural pigments of coffee and tea because these pigments are colors that can stain the quartz surface.

For avoiding stains on your quartz countertop, make sure to clean coffee or tea spills immediately and if you have more time, use a mild quartz cleaner to wipe the stain off. However, if these spills are left for long or to dry, its stain will be difficult to remove.


Wine and grape juice can stain your quartz countertop, because these stains are dark, acidic, and can settle to the surface. These stains become hard to remove if you leave a wine spill on your quartz slab to dry.

The difficulty of removing a wine spill depends on the type but if you use the right cleaners and tools, you have the chance to remove wine stains. Prevention is better than cure so avoid wine spills and clean them right away if spills happen.

Abrasive Cleaners

Scouring powders, steel wool pads, and other abrasive cleaners and cleaning tools are damaging to most countertop materials including quartz countertops. If you’re using abrasive cleaners on quartz slabs, be ready to see black stains that may be more noticeable on light-colored surfaces.

To avoid damage from abrasive cleaners, make sure to clean the countertop after using an abrasive cleaner.

Avoiding the use of these cleaners altogether is better because even when they don’t stain the surface of a countertop, they weaken the surface. Due to this, the surface becomes more vulnerable to staining from different items like tomato sauce, fruit juices, etc.

Oil And Grease

A common culprit of staining quartz countertops in kitchens is oil and grease. Due to cooking, the quartz surface can become greasy and if it isn’t cleaned regularly, the oil and grease will seep into the stone and stain the slab.

To prevent grease from seeping into the stone, clean your quartz countertop daily. You use a rag or paper towel soaked in warm soapy water for cleaning the surface.

Ink And Marker Pens

Ink spills are not common, but the use of marker pens by children is. Keep in mind that ink and marker pen can leave a stain on your quartz countertop and you should try to clean it immediately to reduce the risk of a stain.

However, the best approach is to keep children away from the kitchen when they are writing or using their pens and markers.

Rust Stains

Rust stains are not as common as tea spills, but they are difficult to remove. Rust and metal stains are usually caused by metal appliances or tools. Sometimes, drops of water that came in contact with rusted metal can dry on the quartz surface and cause an ugly stain.

Removing Stain From Quartz Countertops

You should never use abrasive cleaners for removing stains because a mixture of baking soda and water is all you need to clean most quartz countertops stains.


Quartz countertops are stain-resistant but you must avoid spills and if a spill happens, clean it right away to prevent stains. If you want to polish your countertop or replace it, get in touch with quartz countertop installers Potomac.

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