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Painting Laminate Countertops To Look Like Granite

Granite is a super expensive material and for the maintenance it needs, sometimes, the price is not justified at all. If you want faux granite countertops, you can transform your laminate countertops into granite by painting it.

Prepare The Countertops

Before even starting the paintwork, it’s important to prepare the area prior. This means that you need to clear out the countertop surface, remove all of the appliances and protect the surrounding area where you’re going to do the paintwork.

Since you can’t move the countertops, you will need to do the work in the kitchen. So, keep your refrigerator, machines, and other appliances safe and protected. Clear out all of the things from your kitchen and have a temporary place for them, until the paintwork is complete. This is going to help you out so much during the process.

Get The Supplies Ready

For painting the countertops, you will need several supplies. The main thing you will need is a painting kit. The painting kit can be of any color, but the important thing to remember here is that you need to make sure that it’s safe for laminate countertops.

Next, you will need some sanding paper, painter’s tape, some brushes and sponges and a cloth which you don’t mind getting paint all over.

It’s good to have all of your supplies ready to go, because you don’t want to keep pausing on the paint job, just to get up and gather your materials.

Sand The Countertops

This is a very important step before any paint job, no matter where you do it. In order for the paint to adhere better to your countertop surface, it’s necessary that you sand the surface down to make it rough. The rough surface is going to ensure that the pigment and paint will stick nicely to the surface and won’t budge.

Sanding also takes some time to complete, so try to go slow and do it in even layers so that the whole surface is uniform. You don’t want to sand one part of the countertop too much and the other too little. Consistency is key in this step.

Paint, Paint, And Paint

Now it’s time for the fun and most daunting part: painting. You might need some reference pictures of granite countertops and the veining on different surfaces. Remember, nothing has to be perfect.

You need to work slowly and consistently in order to get the paint design that you want on your countertops. Use brushes and sponges and if you make a mistake, use a paint thinner and wipe it away and start all over again. This is going to make the final results look more amazing.

Work Slowly

This is the key to a perfect paint job. You don’t want to work too fast or too slowly. Remember that paint has a tendency to dry quickly and if you don’t get the job done in an allocated time, then you might ruin the countertops.

A blotchy paint job is not what you’re going for. Try to work in small increments and try to get even thin layers. You need to remember the fact that you can increase the coating thickness later, but it’s very hard to remove excess paint from the surface, so always work slowly and take your time.

Waiting Game

When the paint and veining are done, you want to let the paint on your laminate countertop dry for the said amount of time. Usually, 8 hours do the trick, but if you want, you can leave it overnight.

Once the paint is dried, you will need to apply a thin coat of protecting sealant, which will give your countertops a shiny and lustrous look, which we all know and love about granite.

Then, you can remove the painter’s tape from the edges of the countertop, once the paint and sealant are dry, and you can use the countertop.


There you have it! Now there’s no need for you to put a dent in your wallet because you can make your countertops look like granite. When you can afford the real deal, find granite countertop installers Durham NC to discuss the types, thickness, colors, and installation of granite counters for your kitchen.

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