What Are The Different Rug Layout Ideas For Bedrooms?

Rugs can instantly add a comfortable and welcoming vibe to any room you place them in. Here are some amazing rug layout ideas for the bedroom, if you want to add a bit of something to your plain room with handmade rugs.

At The End Of The Bed

This is one of the most basic layout ideas. If you want to incorporate a rug in your bedroom and want to play it safe, then have it laid at the end of the bed. This adds a nice separation between the bed and any other furniture. This also makes the room look cozy and warm, depending on the type and pattern of rug you choose.

Surrounding The Bed

If you want to go all out, then try getting a rug that is slightly bigger than your bed’s dimensions. In this way, you can almost “encase” the bed with the rug. The excess of the rug can make a beautiful border that goes all around the bed. The bed will be in the center of the rug, and you can choose to leave it out or include the nightstands from both sides in the perimeter of the rug.

If you’re going for this layout, then try to measure the dimensions of your bed and nightstands beforehand, because you will need a slightly bigger rug than the dimensions.

Cover The Whole Flooring

This is also a very basic but great layout idea for rugs in the bedroom. If you want, you can cover the entire bedroom floor with a floor-length rug. This is going to keep your feet warm at all times, especially if the floors tend to get cold during the winter months.

Keep in mind, however, that this layout is going to be expensive. Since you’re opting for a rug that is about the size of the floor, then it will add up eventually. Also, it can be hard to clean, because you will need to take out the entire rug and have it dry cleaned before you can use it again.

Use It As Wall Décor

Who says that rugs are only meant to go on the floors? You can get creative with the layouts of the rug, in your bedroom, and have it hung on your wall as a tapestry. This is a modern way of decorating with rugs and making your bedroom walls interesting.

This is also great, if you don’t have the floor space, but still want to add a rug somewhere. When hanging rugs on the wall, make sure that the rug is lightweight and thinner, so that it’s easier to deal with.

Layer It On

The next layout idea is also quite cozy and beautiful. You can add multiple rugs to the floor and layer smaller rugs on top of the larger ones to give a beautiful effect. If you already have a floor-covering rug, then you can add a bit of pizzazz by adding smaller rugs here and there and giving the room a more welcoming feel. The best way to layer rugs is to play around with patterns and colors until you get the layout that you’re looking for.

Drape It Over Furniture

This is another way of incorporating rugs into your bedroom, other than on the floor. You can dress up your lounging chair or a sofa/couch with a bright-colored area rug. You can drape the rug over the side of the couch or sofa and this will give a beautiful and edgy look to your furniture.

It’s best to opt for rugs that are thin, manageable, and easy to carry from one place to another because you don’t want to drape a super heavy and structured carpet or rug on the couch because this will not look as appealing.

Get Small Rugs For Everything

If you don’t want a larger rug for your bedroom or have a small bedroom, then try to get a number of smaller rugs in many different yet complementary patterns and colors. You can put one under the bed, right where your feet land. You can also put one rug under each nightstand. You can also place a rug under your working table and so on.

Having many small rugs is also a great way to add different textures and patterns to your bedroom. This will also give your room a sporadic but beautiful look on the outside.

The T-Rug Design

Another design that is great for bedrooms is the T-design. This design is achieved by getting two rectangular-shaped area rugs and placing them on the floor, in the shape of the letter “T”. This design is edgy and modern and it can make the room look minimal yet classic. If you have a ton of floor space, then try out this design.

You can do this design with the same colors and patterns of rugs, or you can change up the patterns, to give the design extra dimension. This design looks very unique and you will love the way your bedroom looks with this layout.

Things To Consider When Getting Rugs For Your Bedroom

Now that you have many layout ideas for adding rugs in your bedroom, it’s better to consider these things as well, when buying rugs.

Add Some Patterns

Patterns make all of the difference. Some patterns will look great in your bedroom. So, you need to be mindful when you’re out shopping for rugs. You need to select patterns that will go with your bedroom, rather than just buying whatever. It may seem pretty insignificant, but the pattern will make or break the entire layout, so it’s a good thing to spend some time deciding what patterns of rugs you want to go for. Select Persian rugs Virginia because their patterns can match almost any décor.

Look Into Neutral Colors

While bright colors are great and all, it’s not going to hurt to look into the neutral variety either. Sometimes, you can find something which is classic yet trendy in neutral colors. The great thing about neutral colors is that they can elevate the vibrancy of your bedroom or they can be used to add a hint of subtleness to the space as well.

So, the next time you’re out shopping for rugs, don’t forget to look at neutral and warm colors. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you like after all.

Choose The Material Wisely

Last but not least, you also want to keep the material in mind, when shopping for rugs. The rug material is what also adds an extra bit of oomph to your space. Also, the more luxurious the material is, the higher the price point will be.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on rugs for the bedroom, but you also don’t want to get something that will be ruined in a couple of days. You can choose from wool rugs, synthetic rugs, jute rugs, bamboo rugs, and even nylon rugs, to name a few, for your bedroom.


There you have it! These ideas work with smaller area rugs as well as larger ones. Moreover, they work for vintage rugs, traditional rugs, modern rugs, and tribal rugs VA. The best part is that you can let your creativity wander and switch up the rug placement and layout until you’re happy with the end results.

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