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Why Is My AC Always Breaking Down?

Air conditioners are one of the most important home appliances keeping you cool and comfortable when the sun is blazing outside. However, it won’t be of any use if it keeps breaking down. There are several factors that might cause the issue and it is important that you are not only aware but also familiar with some troubleshooting tips to prevent such situations in the future. For serious issues, find HVAC repair services.

Incorrect AC Unit Size

One of the reasons your air conditioner is always breaking down is the incorrect size. Although this is a basic factor to consider when purchasing an HVAC unit, people tend to ignore it. An air conditioner of the wrong size will only create problems for you.

For instance, if the air conditioner happens to be larger than the room it is supposed to cool down, it will constantly trip because achieving the desired temperature won’t be that difficult. As a result, the constant tripping will put the components such as the compressor through a lot of stress.

On the other hand, if the unit happens to be smaller than the room, it will not be able to achieve the desired temperature. That said, the air conditioner will not trip and will continue working at its peak not only resulting in stress but also high electricity bills.

One thing to keep in mind is that new air conditioners come with inverter technology. Inverter air conditioners do not shut down the compressors. Instead, the RPMs are lowered once the required temperature is achieved.

But if the unit size is still incorrect, even an inverter air conditioner won’t be able to save much on energy bills.

An Old System

A major reason your air conditioner might be breaking down on a regular basis is simply because it is old. Although the air conditioner will work somewhere around 5 to 10 years if maintained properly after that, they will need to be replaced.

There are several factors that influence the lifespan of an air conditioner. From maintenance to extreme weather conditions, air conditioners have to fight against multiple external factors to offer optimum performance.

However, the tell-tale signs of an old air conditioner are quite prominent. If you hear unusual sounds or noises coming from the unit, it means something is about to go wrong. And if you fix the issue and another pops up, it means it is time to opt for a replacement.

At this point, there is no benefit to spending money on repairs. As a general rule of thumb, if the costs of repairs and replacements are near or have exceeded the actual cost of the unit, you should purchase a new air conditioner.

Bad Air Filters

Sometimes, air conditioners give up a lot sooner than expected due to negligence on the owner’s part. Like other home appliances that require regular maintenance to prolong their lifespan, air conditioners require the same as well.

A common mistake voluntarily made by homeowners is neglecting the air filters. Air filters are designed to trap toxicants and contaminants before the air is distributed inside the house. This means the air filters are supposed to get dirty with time.

And if neglected, the filters can become clogged, causing the air conditioner to work harder than usual. This puts the components under additional stress resulting in repairs and high energy bills.

This is why, every manufacturer recommends cleaning the air filters at least once a month or more depending on the usage. Fortunately, cleaning the air filters does not require an expert. Simply consult the user manual and you will be done with cleaning them in a matter of a few minutes.


Air conditioners are fairly simple electronic appliances. They will work as long as possible only if you provide proper care and maintenance. And the care and maintenance of air conditioners are neither expensive nor time-consuming.

If you have the right skills and knowledge, you can perform the maintenance on your own. But neglecting the air conditioner is simply inviting trouble. There are a lot of components that need to be looked after to keep the air conditioner running smoothly.

For instance, the evaporator and condenser coils need to be cleaned. If they are covered with layers of dirt and dust accumulation, it would make heat dissipation nearly impossible. As a result, the coils will heat up and permanently damage.

Furthermore, unusual sounds and noises mean the air conditioner is indicating a problem. Instead of fixing the issue by consulting air conditioner repair services Huntington, the owners wait for the issue to fix itself. Sometimes, the issue is as simple as replacing the bearing but can lead to something big if the issue is not attended to.

Therefore, you should always keep an eye out for unusual sounds or activities. Fixing the issue as soon as possible will help avoid expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are fairly common in both old and new units. In the case of old units, cracks and rust tend to be the main causes. But in the case of new units, it could be an improper installation or maintenance job that could cause the leak.

Then again, identifying a refrigerant leak can be easy if you have your eyes and ears out. If an air conditioner is running out of refrigerant, the compressor will constantly turn on and off producing a clicking sound.

If that is the case, your air conditioner will struggle to produce cool air as well. With a low refrigerant level, the compressor works harder and puts itself under stress to make up for the loss of cool air. In such a situation, you should immediately shut down the air conditioner.

Consult a technician and try to determine the root cause of the problem. Both the refrigerant and the compressor are expensive, which means you will have to take your time.

How Can I Prevent My AC From Breaking Down?

Preventing your air conditioner from breaking down is simply about scheduling expert maintenance. Cleaning the air filters and other components is one thing and you can do it on your own but professional maintenance goes deep down and inside.

Professionals can spot issues that a regular individual cannot. Plus, cleaning and maintaining an air conditioner requires skills, knowledge, and tools and equipment. Certain areas inside the air conditioner are not reachable and need to be accessed and checked.

This is where the tools and equipment come in. On the other hand, there is always a risk of getting electrocuted. So, while a professional will remove all the layers of dirt and dust, any potential repairs and replacements will be performed at the same time before the air conditioner breaks down.

All this helps the air conditioner work smoothly without any complications for years to come. Yes, expert maintenance will cost you money but think of it as an investment rather than an expense.


It is always wise to keep yourself informed and become familiar with basic troubleshooting tips such as the ones highlighted above. And, always hire AC repair services Smithtown for maintenance and complicated issues to avoid situations from repeating in the future.

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